The Delta Chi Fraternity

Local Chapter History

The Troy State Chapter was founded on April 2, 1966. We give credit to seven men, who are referred to as “The Mag Seven”. Those men are as follows: King Bond, Jr., Arthur Bryan, Jack Corbitt, Jr., Don Drasheff, Winston Griggs, Max Metcalf, and Tommy Nichols.

After graduation, the brothers of the Troy Chapter have gone on to do great things! Some examples follow:

Doctors, Actors, Commercial Pilots, Writers, Mayors, Circuit Judges, Accountants, Pharmacists, Bankers, Real Estate Developers, Attorneys, Artists, Musicians, and various Others.

Some Specific Examples of successful alumni: CEO of Kelley Foods, Troy University Board of Trustee Members, PGA Golf Professional, Directors of the “Sound of the South”, Alabama house of Representatives, College and University Presidents, Professional Baseball Players–this is only the beginning of what our brothers have accomplished!

Our alumni have always been heavily involved in the Armed Forces from the days of the Vietnam War to the current War on Terrorism. All branches of the armed forces have Delta Chi alumni from TROY. We have former F-16, B-52, and C-130 pilots, along with many serving in officer roles. We have retired Colonels form the United States Army, Drill Instructors from the Marine Corps, and a retired Captain from the United States Navy.

International Fraternity History

Since at least 1929, Delta Chi has recognized the following eleven men as the Founders of The Delta Chi Fraternity: Albert Sullard Barnes, Myron McKee Crandall, John Milton Gorham, Peter Schermerhorn Johnson, Edward Richard O’Malley, Owen Lincoln Potter, Alphonse Derwin Stillman, Thomas A. J. Sullivan, Monroe Marsh Sweetland, Thomas David Watkins, Frederick Moore Whitney.

Delta Chi Facts

On October 13, 1890 eleven law students at Cornell University formed a Law Fraternity, Delta Chi. In 1922, the Fraternity officially went “general”, thus opening its membership to men in all areas of study. Delta Chi, in 1929, became the first fraternity to officially abolish the hazing practices associated with “hell week”.

Current Size
There are 126 chapters and colonies operating throughout the United States and Canada. Distribution is fairly even across the continent. Delta Chi has nearly 94,000 initiates.

The Fraternity boasts an 91% colonization success rate: 31 of 34 groups started since 2001 remain active to date.

Red and Buff

White Carnation

Risk Management
Delta Chi is a member of FIPG.
For a copy of the Fraternity’s risk management policy, click here

Little Sisters
Delta Chi specifically prohibits chapters and colonies from taking part in any action that fosters, organizes, or in any way encourages or allows the existence of any undergraduate women’s auxiliary group (i.e. little sisters).

Delta Chi is proud to count among its ranks of alumni, many prominent alumni in the areas of government/military, industry/finance, education, sports, and arts/entertainment.


  1. I will strive for academic achievement and practice academic integrity.
  2. I will respect the dignity and worth of all persons. I will not physically, mentally, psychologically or sexually abuse or haze any human being.
  3. I will protect the health and safety of all human beings.
  4. I will respect my property and the property of others; therefore, I will neither abuse nor support the abuse of property.
  5. I will meet my financial obligations in a timely manner.
  6. I will neither use nor support the use of illegal drugs. I will neither abuse nor support the abuse of alcohol.
  7. I will acknowledge that a clean and attractive environment is essential to both physical and mental health; therefore, I will do all in my power to see that the chapter property is safe, properly cleaned and maintained.
  8. I will know and understand the ideals expressed in my fraternity Ritual and will incorporate them into my daily life.
  9. I will exercise compassion and understanding in dealing with all persons.
  10. I will challenge all my fraternity members to abide by these fraternity obligations and will confront those who violate them.


  • Have a membership equal to or larger than the campus fraternity average.
  • Become functional in all areas: including recruitment, academics, service projects, intramurals, housing, finances, etc
  • Have a colony grade point average that is equal to or above the all men’s average
  • Have written programs for all operational areas
  • Have an Alumni Board of Trustees (ABT) composed of a majority of Delta Chis
  • Have adequate and competitive housing (initially, adequate housing may be a section of the college or university’s residence halls)
  • Have active alumni and faculty advisors
  • Be financially stable
  • Have approval by the institution and its IFC
  • Petition the Delta Chi Board of Regents for its charter. The Chartering Petition should contain all written programs, a statement of colony history, budget reports, and a statement of purpose.