“Anything Khal wants, green light!” : Michael Jordan Endorses DJ Khaled’s Million Dollar Sneaker Collection

DJ Khaled has become a household name in the music industry. And he also has a collection of expensive sneakers. Michael Jordan approves.

If anything, almost everyone worships the Jordan line. Ask anyone what the greatest sneaker silhouette of all time is and chances are they’ll tell you it’s the Air Jordan 1s. No doubt, the 1985 sneaker is simply iconic. .

So much so that movie stars, musicians, and just about anyone who can afford them have a pair on their feet. It’s a common occurrence but that doesn’t detract from its value. Some sneakers sell for thousands of dollars and some pairs are so exclusive they can go up to six figures.

It’s no wonder people collect these sneakers and often go to great lengths to acquire a pair. Ask DJ Khaled. The “Bless Up” guy apparently has a sneaker collection worth millions and besides, MJ approves!

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DJ Khaled has a sneaker collection worth “millions”!

In an interview, Khaled claims his sneaker collection, which exclusively includes Jordans, is worth millions. Yes, not hundreds of thousands of dollars, but millions. A sneaker collection well over seven figures seems highly implausible, but then again, DJ Khaled doesn’t do the everyday stuff.

He also claims that MJ gave him the green light to get the Jordans he wants. “Anything Khal wants, green light!” – Khaled said.

We don’t think his claim isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. And he was seen hanging out with Michael Jordan when the latter made an appearance at the Miami GP in April.

Khaled also praised MJ’s greatness on the NBA All-Star Event roster in February.

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Michael Jordan and his billion-dollar shoe empire

Jordan’s shoe empire is huge, colossal in every way. The brand itself is worth over $10 billion and its value will increase as sneaker culture enters the mainstream.

Jordan reportedly earns $150 million a year from sales alone. And Nike did it again $5 billion Last year! Let’s talk about heritage.

And the more people obsess over his shoes, the more money Jordan makes. DJ Khaled will be one of those who buy the sneakers.

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