Asili Beauty and Wellness Store Offers Holistic and Sustainable Beauty and Wellness Products in South Florida



Stacey and Martin Clarke at the Asili Beauty and Wellness store.

The Asili Beauty and Well-being showcase.

The Asili Beauty and Well-being showcase.

Stacey Clarke checks out Asili Beauty and Wellness products.

Stacey Clarke checks out Asili Beauty and Wellness products.

Stacey and Martin Clarke use years of experience building successful businesses for others to open a cutting edge beauty and wellness store in Hollywood, Florida.

You cannot have real beauty without well-being.

– Martin Clarke

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA, USA, November 1, 2021 / – Stacey and Martin Clarke have a long history of using their sales and business development skills to help clients build successful businesses in South Florida.

Now the husband and wife team and Clarke smart solutions partners put their expertise at the service of themselves as owners / operators of Asili Beauty and Well-being store, where they offer cutting edge, sustainable and carbon neutral beauty and wellness products from around the world.

“You can’t have true beauty without well-being,” said Martin, defining the philosophy behind Asili (pronounced Ah-sill-lee), which means “natural” in Swahili.
“What makes us unique is that we have combined beauty and well-being in the same space with equal focus,” said Stacey. “Nowhere else will you find beauty and wellness products touted as cause and effect. “

It’s a natural pairing, said Stacey, which is reflected in the products sold at their 5,000-square-foot flagship store located at 2014 Harrison Street in Hollywood, Fla., Just north of Miami.

“We have products that are good for you,” Stacey said. “We integrate a wellness aspect into everything we do. In our purchasing strategy, we source our products that are clean, manufactured with social responsibility and have a limited carbon footprint.

“90% of the products we offer are 100% vegan. “

Asili will offer Clarke’s own luxury lines, including 15 scents of natural herbal and oil-based soaps, an all-natural skin care line including cleansers, daily moisturizers and fortified anti-wrinkle serums vitamins A and B.

Asili will launch a luxury raw human hair line that includes skull prostheses and custom glueless hair units (wigs) that can be cut and styled to customers’ preferences.

Asili products are sourced from the United States and countries around the world. “You can find products here that you can’t find anywhere else,” Martin said. “Many are made by emerging companies that are dedicated to producing a quality, 100% natural product. ”

Asili’s men’s department offers a range of personal and professional hair care, skin care and shaving creams, as well as sunglasses, premium vegan leather laptop cases, and shaving creams. water bottles that can hold credit cards during workouts.

“We have made the conscious decision to offer products for men that are vegan and cruelty-free,” said Stacey. “Our inventory of men’s grooming products has surpassed many other products. “

A bestseller – the “Crown Jewels Dry Ball Powder” for men is self-explanatory.
Asili Beauty & Wellness offers yoga mats, personal care products for pregnant women and new moms, as well as other hard-to-find maternity and nursery items including belly lotions and creams to soothe sore and nursing nipples.

Many Asili Beauty and Wellness items have briefing notes or videos attached to the storefront, so that the customer can educate themselves about the product before purchasing.

Seeing the large number of dog owners walking their pets past the store prompted the Clarkes to come up with a line of natural pet products.

Married in 2011, the couple said they are committed to providing exceptional products and customer service that customers of all races will appreciate.
“Too often people think that a black-owned store is only for blacks,” Stacey said. “We are black owned, but we have products that are for everyone.
“A lot of beauty stores that target black or ethnic women don’t cater to the customer,” Stacey said. “It’s almost like they think you don’t have another place to go, so we don’t have to work for your money. “
And because a lot of these stores are not owned by black people, “they don’t care what products they sell,” Stacey said. “There is no social responsibility. No matter how toxic the product can be, they sell it if people buy it.

Although some Asili products are made by companies that may not be well known, this does not reflect the quality of the item, Martin said, only that they have yet to claim enough shares of market to attract the attention of big box stores.

“The black dollar is a major driver for the beauty industry internationally and the number one trendsetter,” he said. “Blacks buy rising brands while companies still sell the products in unmarked jars. Once big companies take an interest in it, local independent black-owned beauty stores can no longer sell these brands. Then the customer has to bring their money to those big box stores to buy a product that our community has helped develop.

“This means that the dollars that have flowed through our community through this business and black owned beauty stores are no longer available. We wanted to create a space where established brands could feel they were working with a black-owned retailer that matched their brand philosophy.

Asili has a well-trained and knowledgeable staff, and the Clarkes pride themselves on the store’s aesthetic providing a luxury shopping experience and showing customers that they are welcomed and appreciated.

The Clarkes have scheduled monthly in-store consultations and demonstrations by supplier partners to increase community engagement and awareness.

The couple have a long personal and professional history in South Florida, combining strong careers in marketing and advertising, Stacey’s master’s degree in healthcare, and Martin’s years of experience in mergers, acquisitions and development. commercial.

In 2016, they left the corporate world to launch Clarke Smart Solutions. Clients included the City of Miami, the Small Business Administration, and Broward County.

Asili Beauty and Wellness is open and doing business in store and online at
The Clarkes have also made a concerted effort to showcase products created by businesses run by women.
Founder and CEO of Beloved Box Dani spikes, Skincando Founder and CEO Sara Damelio and Makeup By RoryLee Founder and CEO Rory Lee will host live demos and consultations at the November 19-20 launch, which will also include a well -be in partnership with Nike Miami.
For more information, see the website,, or call 954-248-7502.

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