Cameron Jordan of the Saints says he was given a random drug test after backflip


May no good expression of world-class athleticism go unpunished. That’s the lesson Cameron Jordan learned when he received a notice from the NFL that he had been called in for a random test for performance-enhancing drugs, just days after the great Saints defensive end of the New Orleans was spotted giving teammate Marcus Williams a helping hand to step back and get back to his feet (watch him in the video below).

Jordan’s consistently high energy level has been one of his best qualities as a pro, allowing him to continue to press quarterbacks late in games for very long seasons. And acrobatic displays like this one north of 280 pounds (285 to be exact, he hastens to remind us) help to reinforce this.

He suffered two sacks in consecutive games and benefited from the return of David Onyemata and Marcus Davenport to the roster. Let’s see what he has in store against Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons, his favorite knockout opponent on Sunday. Ryan has been sacked by Jordan 21 times in 20 games together. It’s an NFL record for the most times a quarterback has been sacked by a single defenseman. Hopefully Jordan can extend his lead while chasing the elusive mark of the century (he currently has up to 96.5 sacks in 167 career regular-season games).

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