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“Basketball has taught me life lessons about teamwork, leadership and loyalty.” – Breeding Jesse

When Jesse Breeding played basketball at Hendrick Hudson High School, she would be asked why her sneakers looked new even after months of wear and tear.

What is the Cortlandt Manor The resident’s classmates weren’t sure he had experimented with a range of cleaning products until he found the perfect solution and method to make his sneakers look exactly like they did when they did. bought for the first time.


Like countless others of his generation, the breeding passion for hoops was awakened by watching with wonder Michael jordan dazzled by his unparalleled scoring prowess, winning six NBA titles in the 1990s with the Chicago Bulls. “From the day I first saw him take off from the free throw line and dunk the ball on TV, it made me a basketball fanatic,” said Breeding.

After a stellar basketball run at Hen Hud, Breeding was awarded a scholarship for Concordia College, a small school which marked him a lot. Shooting guard player, he was team captain for two years.


“Basketball has taught me many life lessons in responsibility, teamwork, time management, leadership and loyalty, ”says Breeding.

At Concordia, Breeding turned their keen sense of sneaker cleaning into a service called JB essentials. He started with his basketball teammates, and it quickly caught on. Breeding has started cleaning countless pairs of sneakers every week for students, teachers, and coaches.

With JB’s Essentials, even the dirtiest sneakers look new.

“JB’s Essentials goal is to help sneaker enthusiasts meet all of their sneaker needs, including cleanings, restorations and customizations,” says Breeding.


When the pandemic struck, Breeding’s business slowed down, but it was around this time that he decided to expand his offering, adding his own line of sneakers and clothing, creating his own virtual sneaker store.

With JB’s Essentials, customers can buy, sell or trade in their sneakers, or simply have them cleaned and restored. “I don’t see other stores as competitors,” he says, “but rather as friends with whom I can collaborate.


He explains that “Collaboration is an important part of the sneaker industry. For example, Off-White is teaming up with Nike for clothing and sneaker ideas. In order to expand your brand, name, and customer base, it is wise to work with other businesses for success.

The competitive Breeding player was in college served him well as an entrepreneur and in his “day job” on the sneakers and apparel website. GOAT.com.

“I always want to be the most responsible and trustworthy person, so my clients and coworkers know that if they need anything, I’ve got it covered,” Breeding explains.

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With JB’s Essentials, even the dirtiest sneakers look new.

Rebeccah Worth is a Connecticut-based freelance writer.


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