Laredoan’s EVERY Protein product is now sold nationwide in a juice

A Laredoan who wants to help change the food system in the United States has seen his product reach national levels.

Arturo Elizondo, the CEO of California-based company EVERY, has finally made his biggest business creation – a protein created that doesn’t come from animals, eggs or protein shakes – into a pressed juice sold in the States -United. The protein is tasteless and can be consumed by individuals in any product they wish.

For Elizondo, it was a seven-year project. He started his business with a limited budget and a dream: to change the way people consume protein.

“I’m thrilled that we can reimagine what protein can look and taste like in the 21st century,” Elizondo said. “I’m deeply grateful to the amazing team at EVERY who made this possible and the team at Pulp Culture for daring to make something possible that only lived in people’s imaginations.”

Elizondo said the show of the product comes from the fact that it is a major type of food element that many people like to consume, but this way they can do so without needing to affect their sugar. and their fat while ingesting something natural.

“The question we asked was ‘What if you could have your protein in your favorite products? Protein in products that blow people away? said Elizondo. “This product proves that people can now enjoy protein in ANY way their heart desires. And it’s sugar-free, fat-free, and made with naturally fermented juice.

The product is also new in the sense that it is also the first time that a squeezed juice contains protein.

“This is the first time a squeezed juice can contain protein,” Elizondo said. “Proteins can now be delivered in all the form factors you know and love.”

Elizondo said the products are “full spectrum,” contain adaptogens, and contain protein and 4.9% alcohol.

Although Elizondo celebrates the success of his company’s product, he says it hasn’t all been easy. Indeed, the company had to face several challenges where it had to improve to get where it is today.

One of these challenges was to achieve such a high level of production. As the company has achieved this, Elizondo says he is grateful to partners such as AB InBev’s BioBrew who support their ability to scale domestically and globally.

Elizondo said the product became a reality after his company partnered with Los Angeles-based Pulp Culture to make the Full Spectrum beverage fortified with beneficial probiotics, adaptogens, super fruits and superfoods including source has been verified and from EVERY Protein without animals.

“The introduction of this world’s first super drink spotlights our revolutionary, ‘almost invisible’ EVERY Protein – launching commercially in 2021 after seven years of extensive R&D – providing consumers with a never-before-seen protein experience in drinks,” said Elizondo. .

Overall, Elizondo applauds the nationwide unveiling of their product, as he said it was the first step in the big things he wants to accomplish in efforts to bring about change to people’s food systems. so they can be healthier while eating the things they need.

“My company, EVERY, exists to reinvent our food system,” Elizondo said. “To build a greener and more respectful food system for all. This launch is a major step in the accomplishment of our mission.

The reason for changing this food started years ago after they set themselves a “moon goal” to create nature-equivalent animal protein without animals.

“We did that with the launch of the world’s first animal-free pepsin and egg protein — but we wanted to take it a step further,” Elizondo said. “We wanted to fuel the creation of new kinds of food and drink the world has never seen and captivate imaginations and taste buds along the way.”

The squeezed juice is made from pineapple, which boosts protein absorption and is anti-inflammatory; coconut, which boosts metabolism and is an antioxidant; vanilla, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant; Ashwagandha, which stimulates muscle growth and strength; cordyceps, which improves physical performance; and EVERY Elizondo protein.

Elizondo has previously been named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, Person of the Year 2019 by the National Hispanic Institute and one of the 10 Latinos Inspiring America by BBC World News. He holds a degree in government and comparative policy from Harvard University.

Elizondo said the product is now available nationwide online via and retail to follow. The product is also promoted through the social media hashtag #PulpXEVERY.

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