Madden 22 Cred Currency: What Is It And How Do You Use It?


If you launched Madden 22 the weekend after its worldwide release on Friday, you might be wondering what the Cred currency is for.

This question could be especially prevalent if you are playing Madden Ultimate Team. At the top right of your Madden Ultimate Team page, you’ll notice the usual currencies like training, points, and coins. But then you will also see Cred among those. So what exactly is it for?

Unfortunately for MUT users, Cred is not going to help you much.

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What is the Cred in Madden 22?

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Credit is a new currency in Madden, which can be used to purchase items in the store. The store allows you to purchase sets of shirts for your MUT team or for your character in The Yard game mode. Unfortunately, Cred cannot be used to purchase packs or upgrade your team in MUT.

You can acquire Cred in all game modes of Madden 22. You can basically think of it as XP. The more you play and progress through the different stages of the game, the more Cred you earn. Cred is, of course, the abbreviation for Credibility, so you prove that you are a high level Madden player as you gain more and more Cred.

What can you spend your credits on in Madden 22?

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You can use Cred to purchase Uniform Packs – check out the Premium Leather Legends Pack pictured above – or various items that appear in the Madden 22 store. You’ll have to play quite a bit of Madden to afford this particular. bundle, however, as it costs 220,000 Cred.

While the store is primarily used by The Yard to outfit your character with different looks, it can also be used in MUT. For example, the Leather Legends Premium Bundle shows a MUT card, which means you can use this uniform for your MUT team when playing in online or offline matches.

But not everything in the store can be purchased with Cred. In the photo above, the Jordan Deluxe and Jordan Blue Deluxe packs are only available with points. And points are only available with real money, not in-game currency.

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