Mason Cox, Brayden Sier, Nathan Kreuger, Patrick Lipinski, Nick Daicos


Collingwood’s duo Mason Cox and Brayden Sier remain in limbo with the Magpies due to make official contract calls on payouts after the trade period ends.

It comes as Pies football boss Graham Wright has revealed the new roles for commercial targets Patrick Lipinski and Nathan Kreuger, while also confirming that the club will match an offer on father-son gun Nick Daicos – “wherever it is”.

While the Magpies are still feeling the effects of the salary cap from last year’s tumultuous offseason, they are unlikely to be this busy in the coming weeks, despite two players requesting trades at the club and several Magpies currently. listed without new agreement.

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One of those in the latter category is Cox, who hasn’t received a contract offer for next season from the Magpies after playing just seven games in 2021 due to injuries and form issues.

When asked if the Magpies’ willingness to swap Kreuger from Geelong meant the writing was on the wall for Cox, Wright said AFL Commercial Radio: “Not necessarily. ‘Coxy’ has the ability to play in a few different places with almost seven feet tall. For someone like him, he wants to play more in the ruck and thinks he could really help that too.

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“It’s fair to say that he wasn’t much in our squad in the second half of the year and we haven’t re-signed him so there are a few things we definitely need to sort out during the year. the exchange period because whether we offer Coxy another contract, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

“I think he would like to (stay in Collingwood), but like everyone who plays AFL football and he’s just turned 29, he wants to play. It was in the conversations he had with me – and I know he had conversations with Craig (McRae) before he returned to the States – he wanted to play on the team and have opportunities like anything. the world at that age. He doesn’t want to be just a replacement.

Sier has been plagued by injury issues since the 2018 Grand Final, while inconsistent form has also affected his ability to win games.


The 23-year-old has appeared in seven AFL games this year, in which he was substituted twice due to injury and started as a medical substitute in Round 5. He was the best midfielder of his team in their first five VFL games, averaging 28.2 eliminations and 8.4 clearances before sustaining an injury early in their final game against Box Hill.

“He’s one of the players, like Coxy, that we didn’t offer anything to,” Wright said. “We wanted to wait until the end of the commercial period to see exactly where that stands for us.

“It would be fair to say he’s in his fifth year at the club and hasn’t been able to carve out a place for himself where he is yet. We will guide him through the exchange period and see where he is next to find out if there is a place for him.

Brayden Sier of Collingwood. Photo: Michael Klein.Source: News Corp Australia

Wright also discussed several other talking points about Collingwood’s trading during the interview.

On the acquisition of Geelong player Nathan Kreuger…

“We had a conversation with Geelong the other day, so I hope this can happen.

“We think Nathan is probably more of a forward than a defender – I know he’s played as a defender this year – but he’s 196 (centimeters), he’s got speed and he’s someone who competes very well.

“For us, that was an area of ​​need and from a demographic point of view, he’s a 22 year old. So we think he can come in and potentially play a role there and come in and earn a place. He’s only played two AFL games so hopefully there will be some benefit to him.

On the out-of-contract acquisition of the Bulldog Patrick Lipinski …

“We think, a, (his) demographic age was fine for us again, but (he) also adds depth at a number of points. Whether he can play mid-attacker or wing, on the ball, mid-back, he has the ability to play all of these places.

“He just failed to race against the Bulldogs and was looking for opportunities and we were really excited to see if that could happen.

“At this point I haven’t even spoken to the Bulldogs so hopefully that can happen as well. “

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On the star trio Jordan De Goey, Brayden Maynard and Darcy Moore, who are under contract until the end of 2022 …

“I have had conversations with all of their managers and we really hope to advance the contracts with them.

“It’s unique that you have three real top guys coming out all next year, but they’re all unique in their own way and they’re all super talented. So from our point of view, it will be important that we try to tie them together – and I think they’re all really open to that and excited about it.

“But as we know this is a business venture and we have to be able to satisfy them and hopefully we can do that.”

On the match of an offer from a rival club for the best draft prospect Nick Daicos…

“Whatever points you have in this year’s draft, you can have it and go down for next year if you need to.

“We’ve made a commitment to Nick and his family to bring him in and he wants to be with us, so we’ll match an offer anywhere.

“We have to use this redemption period, but you can also redeem the project (to bank points). But we do know that Nick will probably be in the top three or four selected, so we’re going to prepare for the worst and try to score some points. next weeks. “

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