Mobile County District Attorney’s nominee calls for bot calls investigation

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) — Mobile County District Attorney candidate Keith Blackwood is calling on state officials this morning to investigate robocalls — or robocalls — that he says are believed to have come from his campaign.

His opponent in the race, Buzz Jordan, denies any responsibility for such appeals to voters.

Statement from Blackwood:

“Early this morning many of you woke up to an robocall (robot call) impersonating my campaign. My campaign has not and will never allow ANY robocalls. Again, my campaign did not send these phone calls.

“For weeks, my opposition has been sending out illegal robocalls. Early this morning they continue the negative campaign practice of waking up Mobile County voters by impersonating me. The audio was copied from publicly available videos on my campaign’s Facebook page. It’s disgusting politics, and I’m saddened to see this in a Republican primary. We have reported these illegal robocalls to the Secretary of State and the appropriate election authorities.

Jordan’s response:

“My opponent released a statement this morning accusing me and my campaign of sending a robocall overnight. Neither I nor my campaign sent or authorized to receive any robocall or text message. mass during the run for district attorney.

“I have traveled across the county over the past few months to meet constituents, listen to their concerns, and share my vision for tackling violent crime. My campaign was a traditional media campaign consisting of television and radio ads, local newspaper ads and outdoor billboards. We have a Facebook page, website and social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter. The ONLY mass effort we have used is a single email sent to registered voters in Mobile County at 9 a.m. Monday. This email was only sent to people who had opted-in to receive such communications.

“My opponent is taking this opportunity to call out ‘disgusting politics’, but it was his campaign that repeatedly launched personal attacks on me, misrepresenting my record and misleading voters. He is the boss of my adversary who posted two bizarre social media posts filled with untruths about me and my case It was my opponent’s campaign that sent two misleading emails It is my opponent who is making false claims about my case as as a prosecutor. It was the shadowy PAC supporting my adversary who posted a Facebook page using my image and my name in an attempt to discredit me. It was this same PAC who waged a smear campaign against me in the media .

“I campaigned above the edge. I didn’t even mention my opponent’s name once, but instead focused on my case as a prosecutor and lawyer, community volunteer, business owner a small business and my qualifications to be a district attorney.

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