New Flutter Asset Sisal Adds Sports Betting and Lottery Products to Tunisia

Posted on: September 29, 2022, 07:06h.

Last update on: September 29, 2022, 07:06h.

Flutter completed its acquisition of lottery and gaming operator Sisal for $2.2 billion in August and is already reaping the benefits. The global gaming giant has just scored a win in Tunisia as the country has chosen Sisal to run its lottery for the next 10 years.

Francesco Durant
Francesco Durante, CEO of Sisal. The lottery and gaming operator that Flutter recently purchased will manage lottery and sports betting products for Tunisia’s Ministry of Youth, Sports and Physical Education. (Image: RTE)

Sisal will manage the products offered by Promosport, which cover sports betting, raffles and instant lotteries. Promosport is a government entity controlled by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Physical Education.

This is not the first time that Sisal will be active in North Africa, as it also manages Morocco’s national lottery. The Italy-based company is also present in Spain, Turkey and other countries.

A shot for sisal

To take control of Tunisia’s Promosport, Sisal, who missed out on a chance to run Britain’s national lottery, faced fierce competition. Among the bidders were Intralot, Scientific Games and Demirören Group. He takes over after the end of Novomatic’s six-year run.

This milestone will allow Sisal to develop and manage a comprehensive product portfolio for Tunisia. The country offers a range of instant lotteries, sports betting and online games, which Sisal will administer over the next decade. The games are distributed throughout Tunisia through an extensive retail and online network.

Sisal’s internationalization strategy led it to land the new contract. Since 2018, the company has been focusing on international development, aimed at strengthening its position as a new market leader. Sisal was launched in Morocco in January 2019, followed by Spain, where it holds an online license, six months later. It also obtained a lottery management license in Turkey in August 2020.

Tunisia began regulating sports betting in 2020. As a government-run entity, Promosport was set to grab the lion’s share of the action. However, according to official data, it suffered losses when private operators entered the market.

Promosport’s charter guarantees that 50% of the income (minus what resellers earn) from its activity goes to the Tunisian National Fund for the Promotion of Sport and Youth. An additional 40% of revenue goes to winners, while the remaining 10% covers the cost of running its gaming operations.

Flutter continues to shape operations

Flutter’s mission is to be the global leader in gaming and responsible gaming. Earlier this year, it presented its Positive Impact Plan, which aims to introduce increased responsible gaming controls and oversight across all of its platforms over the next few years.

It now adds a new layer to initiative. Flutter’s executive committee, which includes FanDuel CEO Amy Howe, is leading the new global advocacy program, which will focus on four areas or “workstreams”. These include gender, multiculturalism, LGBTQIA+ and accessibility.

At Flutter, we strongly believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) work starts at the top, which is why our Executive Committee will use their voice to champion and drive meaningful and lasting cultural change.said Phil Bishop, director of human resources at Flutter.

Howe will oversee gender, while legal and business director Pádraig Ó Ríordáin will manage multiculturalism. Barni Evans, Managing Director – Sportsbet, will take on LGBTQIA+ and Chief Information Officer Paul Cutter is in charge of accessibility.

The program will consist of four phases: Listen, Learn, Advocate and Act. This program is part of a larger campaign for more diversity in gambling in the industry. This comes as some Flutter competitors have launched similar sustainability strategies.

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