New medical facility under construction on the site of the former Saginaw school

SAGINAW, MI – Shaheen Development is building a new medical center on the former site of John Moore Elementary School in Saginaw.

“This site is under construction with a new 30,000 square foot two story medical facility expected to be completed next year,” said Al Warr, director of development for Shaheen Development. “The tenant of this new building will be vacated shortly.

Earlier this year, the company completed construction of a three-story mixed-use development at 218 S. Washington Ave. in downtown Saginaw near downtown Valerie at dawn. a new café, Erika’s Flowers and the SVRC market. .

The first floor retail space now houses the State Bank and the top two floors are home to the Goodridge Lofts, a tribute to the Goodridge brothers of Saginaw.

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The demolition of the John Moore Elementary School in Saginaw, closed at 700 Court Street, was part of a five-year strategic plan that the Saginaw School Board approved last year.

At the end of August, the Court Street construction site, just west of Michigan Avenue, was surrounded by a temporary fence and a sign reading “Uptown Bay City, Michigan Construction Traffic Only” was posted.

No further details on the new development were immediately available.

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