Racine Mum and her daughter distribute hygiene products to fight tacit poverty | Local news

ROOT – One fall day, Home Nurse LaTanya Hamilton said aloud to her daughter, “Baby, I want to give a hygiene gift.”

Automatically his daughter Shyniqua Hamilton was on board. “OK Mom. What do you need me to do?

Together, they assembled gift bags filled with at least a dozen hygiene products to distribute at Twins Food Mart, 1812 16th St., December 3. time.

This indicated to the Hamiltons that there was a great need for hygiene products in the community and that they were to organize another giveaway soon.

A less realized need

LaTanya was aware of all the different food and toy drives going on in the community. She appreciated them and knew their importance, but wanted to fill a need that she had known herself.

“I myself had a hygiene problem. Growing up as a teenager, things like that, ”she said. “I’ve been to jail once before. I had no hygiene products. So hygiene has always been a big part of me because I never wanted to run out of (hygiene products).

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According to the CDC, in 2020, 2.3 billion people lacked basic hygiene services (handwashing facility with soap and water) and 1.6 billion people had access to handwashing facilities without water or soap.

There is also such a thing that hygiene poverty, who cannot afford daily hygiene and personal care products, according to the Hygiene Bank – a UK-based organization dedicated to the collection and distribution of these products.

LaTanya Hamilton shows off what’s in one of her women’s hygiene bags on Tuesday.

Diana panuncial

Hygiene poverty can be like ‘going to school with tangled hair because there is only one hairbrush in the household and not everyone has time to brush it. ‘use’ or ‘having to choose between shaving foam and razors, or the cost of freight, at a job interview,’ the Hygiene Bank wrote.

The foundation of the century even wrote in July that America is in an “unspoken hygiene crisis”. According to Joanne Samuel Goldblum and Colleen Shaddox: “While there are many public programs – although underfunded – to help families access health care, food and shelter, there are none. to help with hygiene products. “

For example, the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance program only covers the purchase of food, but not toilet paper, diapers, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, or menstrual health products, depending on Girls help girls.

Shyniqua said she noticed some people were afraid to take the gift bags at first until they saw others taking them too.

“They might be embarrassed because other people are watching them and they don’t want to feel needy,” LaTanya said.

A car salesman in Burlington, Wisconsin decides to donate a car this holiday season, then finds the perfect recipient.

To have an impact

During his incarceration, LaTanya did not have the money to buy hygiene products at the police station. A friend she knew from the outside finally reached out to her.

“She just watched over me until I was able to do it on my own,” LaTanya said. “I was able to feel more confident in what I wanted to do and be able to be around other people, because, you know, I would be a little scared, because I didn’t want people to feel me. So it was very embarrassing for me.

LaTanya chose to give the gift of hygiene because “it was in my heart. I believe the Lord has put on my heart to do it, ”she said.

In October, LaTanya was hit in a car accident that totaled her car. “I thank God that we both were able to avoid the accident,” she said. Soon after that, she and her daughter organized the hygiene giveaway despite being worried about how they would get a new car.

80 bags

LaTanya and Shyniqua Hamilton assembled 80 bags for their personal hygiene gift on December 3, 40 bags for men and 40 for women.

Submitted photo

They said they didn’t care how much they spent on the gift bags; just that they wanted to do as much as they could.

During the contest, the Hamiltons didn’t ask too personal questions of those who collected the gift bags. It was only days after Shyniqua received a message on Facebook – where she initially shared information about the gift – from a recipient who said she got a new job because of the hygiene products.

“They felt confident enough to make it to the job interview, they felt good about themselves,” LaTanya said.

“It just gave me a really good feeling to give (the bags),” said Shyniqua. “It made me want to start over” They plan to do it again; in fact, a friend donated $ 100 to them for product collection.

A second hygiene giveaway is scheduled for February 26 at Taylor Mart, 1813 Taylor Ave. For more information, email LaTanya at [email protected]

Elle Maru has written and illustrated two books since graduating from Carthage College this summer, but didn’t think she would become an artist.

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