Rhode Skincare Review: We Tried Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Products

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“Our philosophy is to make one of everything really good.” That’s what Hailey Bieber told PEOPLE Rhodes, the skincare brand she’s been teasing for months (and hypingly promoting now that it’s available to buy). “What sets Rhode apart is that we offer a very curated and edited line of essentials.”

Ahead of its June 15 launch, five PEOPLE editors tried out the model’s new line, incorporating its first trio of products, which are grouped into The Rhode Kitin their daily routine for an average of 10 days.

Curious to know what they thought of it before buying it for yourself? Keep reading for our first impressions of Rhode! (Spoiler: at least one writer can confirm that her skin “looks more dewy!”)

The Rhode range consists of three products: the Peptide Glaze Fluidthe Barrier Restoring Creamand the Peptide Lip Treatment. The collection’s key ingredients include peptides, which the brand says “visibly plump and reduce the appearance of fine lines”; niacinamide, which “nourishes, brightens and improves overall skin texture”; and hyaluronic acid, which “locks in hydration.” You’ll also find hydrating shea butter, softening marula oil and supportive squalane.

Our team definitely agreed on one thing: it looks very cool. “Clean and fresh, very Gen-Z in a cool way,” said business writer Jenn Chan. “The packaging forces me to reach for it more than others because it looks so unique.” And speaking of Bieber’s intention to make his products “accessible and achievable for everyone,” business writer Claire Harmeyer noted, “The fonts are sophisticated and subtle and they don’t feel too fancy or inaccessible.”

Michelle Lee, Style and Beauty Editorial Assistant, added, “Aesthetically, I loved the matte gray packaging and the pastel colors when it came to differentiating the scented products. It was very on brand for Hailey. “

And speaking of odors, “Barrier Restore Cream and Peptide Glaze Fluid are odorless,” confirmed Alex Warner, Writer and Chief Commerce Strategist. “The cream is a richer white color and the icing fluid is more of a translucent white color. Both become completely transparent within seconds of being smoothed onto your skin.”

“The scented peptide lip treatments, of course, have a smell, but I liked them,” says business writer Madison Yauger. “I didn’t notice the odors while wearing the products. The lip treatment comes out as a clear gel, which is a bit thick, but spreads easily on the lips.”

As for the line’s usability, “the instructions are very straightforward and make it easy to understand how to add the products to your regular routine,” Warner said.

Keep reading for more details on each product, and stick around for our final thoughts on Rhode at the very end.

Alexander: “The Peptide Glazing Fluid is light and smooth. I expected the peptide product to be more of a liquid serum, not a cream. everything is dried. It comes in a small container with a pump and a removable cap. The cap is definitely secure and was sometimes difficult to remove, but it was good for traveling so the product didn’t accidentally leak anywhere. I appreciate that it dispenses a pea-sized amount, controlling how much you use.”

Madison: “The Peptide Serum is more like a liquid-based cream because it’s so thin and can easily be dispersed between two fingers. My skin took on an immediate dewy glow and stayed hydrated throughout the day.”

Michele: “It glided on well and was easy to layer with my other products (after an essence and before my sunscreen). It left my skin feeling smooth and the lightweight formula was great for my oily skin – I tend to gravitate towards gel and lighter consistencies. My skin absorbed this one quicker. I had no problem applying my makeup on top of it either.

“But I didn’t like how bulky the packaging was compared to the lightness of the product. While the pump dispersed the right amount of moisturizer, the cap was difficult to twist and remove.”

Clear : “I was hoping to visually see that ‘dewy glow’ Hailey still plugs in, and I can confirm that my skin looks more dewy after less than two weeks of use! I really think it gives my skin an immediate glow flexible.I notice extra dewy and shine every morning after using it the night before.I really like lathering it on my face after cleansing as it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and looking dewy.

“A note: the cap was not extremely easy to remove. The first time I removed it, some of the product spilled out and was lost. You have to pump quite hard to get enough product out of the nozzle. However, I like the unique shape of the bottle and its angled cap.”

Madison: “The Barrier Restore Cream feels like a thicker cream, but it’s still quite lightweight. It applies easily and dries quickly. But when I used it with the Peptide Glazing Fluid, my oily/combination skin tended to have this oily shine towards the end of Towards the end of the trial period, I started applying the Glazing Fluid in the morning, then the fluid and the barrier cream in the evening.

Alexander: “It has a thick texture, but it blends in smoothly when I massage it into my skin. It comes in a squeeze tube that’s easy to open and close, but that can be tricky because you might dispense too much product. This can be a waste. This way.

But I will definitely continue to use it! I was looking for a good thick moisturizer that I can use in my morning and evening routine, and this one has been great for hydration. I love that it doesn’t leave my face sticky.”

Michele: “The cream is heavier than the Peptide Glazing Fluid but still blends easily into the skin. Although both left my skin smooth on initial application and I noticed a slight evening of tone and luminosity after , over time I developed an irritation that made my skin texture uneven (i.e. I had a few small breakouts), and my skin felt slightly dehydrated and tight after using the Barrier Restore Overnight Cream.”

Clear : “The cream is not as hydrating as I had hoped – it absorbs very quickly and makes me feel like I need a little more to really lock in the moisture…I needed to use more than the suggested “half finger length” in order to make my whole face feel hydrated. But I like that he advises layering with the Peptide Glazing Fluid because it looks like a nice combination.

“I don’t notice as much visual effect from this product, but my skin feels extremely smooth after using it.”

Jennifer: “I think the star product here is the Peptide Lip Treatment. I loved the consistency, the scent – the glossy, dewy effect is so pretty and unlike any of my other lip balms or treatments. The one at watermelon is my favorite.”

Madison: “The Peptide Lip Treatment felt like a much thinner version of Aquaphor. It comes out like a clear gel, a bit thick, but spreads easily on the lips. It created the same glossy barrier on my lips, but it looked like to a glossy lip and I kept my lips hydrated for several hours after application.”

Alexander: “The peptide lip treatments come in long little squeeze tubes with a rim that allows them to be applied to the lips seamlessly. They apply like a gloss and feel slightly sticky, but not uncomfortably so. made my lips very soft when rubbed in them I love the taste and smell of watermelon – it reminds me of the lip balms I used as a kid I plan to apply it over other lipsticks pigmented lips for a shiny and hydrating finish.

Michele: “These had a heavy gloss-like feel that lasted after hours of application, which I didn’t mind as it was more hydrating. After application, my lips felt hydrated and I didn’t feel the need to reapply multiple times.I would say the best packaging goes to the peptide lip treatments: I loved how compact they were (great for on the go) and the applicator allows the product to apply smoothly.

“I loved that even the scented lip treatments didn’t have an artificial, overpowering scent. As someone with sensitive skin, I always try to buy fragrance-free products, so this element was perfect for me I would use the lip treatments again because I loved the application, the scents and the shine, which I think would make a great alternative to lip gloss – shiny and hydrating at the same time time !”

Clear : “These bottles are a good size to keep in your purse or on a bedside table. The press-on applicator makes these lip balms easy to apply without getting your fingers dirty.

“It’s not too sticky on my lips, but rather slightly hydrating and feels premium. It absorbs quite slowly, which is nice because I don’t feel the need to reapply soon after. My lips definitely have looks softer and juicier after using it! Lip treatments are nice overnight as they are a bit sticky for about 20 minutes after application.”

“It’s a line for someone on the go who doesn’t have a lot of time to deal with a super fancy diet,” Chan inferred. “Really nice formulas, not too thick or too sticky. They apply easily and penetrate directly into the skin without effort. The products are simple and straightforward.” She also noted that her skin was “visibly fresh and radiant – I did a double take one morning.”

“My skin has a slightly more radiant glow a few hours after application, but isn’t too dewy or oily, which I think is ideal,” Warner added. “I can definitely say that my skin feels smoother after the immediate application, but I haven’t noticed any really significant improvements in my skin’s overall hydration after just two weeks.”

“Overall, I really liked these products,” Yauger said. “Even after a week, my skin is smoother and generally more hydrated, which is promising (especially in the summer!). I plan to keep using them to see what the results look like in a month, and I can’t wait to see what else Rhode comes out in the future.”

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