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Student-athletes receive Heisman High School scholarship

Posted at 1:08 p.m. on Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Decatur County student-athletes have demonstrated success and commitment both on and off the field and three Decatur County student-athletes were recognized as the Heisman High School Scholarship was awarded to three students who demonstrated academic and athletic excellence during their high school careers.

Mallorie Jordan, volleyball player from Grace Christian Academy, and Riley Palmer and Gregory Brown, tennis players from Bainbridge High School, received the Heisman High School Scholarship, as they were recognized for their performance in the classroom and in the field.

“The Heisman Memorial Trophy is renowned for symbolizing the pursuit of excellence with integrity,” reads the mission statement on the Heisman High School website. “The Heisman High School Scholarship extends Heisman prestige to our nation’s most esteemed senior men and women by recognizing and rewarding outstanding college-athletes who understand that the most important victories don’t just happen on the field. , but in their schools and communities. ”

One of the qualities that go with winning this award is leadership. For GCA volleyball senior Mallorie Jordan, leadership is a skill her coaches have seen grow during her time at GCA.

“Mallorie is an introverted leader,” said GCA volleyball coach Kelsey Harrell. “She may not be the loudest person in the class or on the pitch, but when she speaks, her classmates and teammates listen because they know what she has to say will be important. What makes Mallorie special is the humility she lives and plays with. Mallorie was constantly coaching on the pitch and helping young players learn new things or helping them when they were confused. “a way that young players look up to, and it’s one of the best compliments a person can have. She leaves big shoes to fill for next year, not only in an athletic way, but also in a way of leadership.

Jordan played a big part in the success of the GCA volleyball program in 2022 as she led the Lady Cougars in total with 260 and kills with 166.

For Bainbridge High School tennis senior Riley Palmer, her tenacity and determination to succeed are what set her apart from the norm, according to head coach Amy Thomas.

“Riley works so hard to improve on the field and in the classroom with his academics,” Thomas said. “She really pushes herself to be a good student and a good team player. Riley has a great work ethic. She plays the game with a lot of courage and tenacity and I like that about her. She is also very kind and considerate. Riley has proven she has what it takes to compete with anyone. She is a leader by her actions on the field. His energy drives the team forward.

Mason Brown, a senior football player at Bainbridge High School, has distinguished himself through his volunteerism and community involvement. Along with being the starting left tackle for a burgeoning Bearcats team, Brown has also been on mission trips to Honduras to help renovate homes, is a student captain for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and is a member. of the BHS Keys club which focuses on service leadership.

Brown’s qualities of hard work and service came from his family life and the way his family worked to support him.

“My drive to succeed comes from watching my family work and make sacrifices not only to support my family, but also to succeed in their professions,” Brown said. “Throughout the years of watching and helping my family with given tasks, I have seen and appreciated hard work. I have always wanted to do things to help others and give back to my community. college football players helped our city’s recreation authority equip and distribute football equipment for our community’s youth league.As the young athletes came to get kitted up, their eyes lit up when they realized that it was us who were helping them.

As Heisman High School Scholarship recipients take the next step in their lives, the foundations of the award, such as academic achievement and service to others, are sure to set them apart from the competition in their future goals and aspirations.

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