WATCH: When Michael Jordan silenced the Heckler who disrespected his sneakers


After the premiere of The Last Dance, Michael Jordan became, among other things, a meme face. His “I took it personally” moments became famous as people went wild about how he tricked his mind into behaving aggressively.


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But taking the opponents personally is one thing and getting angry with the fans is something quite different. In 1995, Air Jordan targeted a fan of the court who decided to sting MJ where it hurt the most.


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When Michael Jordan got mad at a fan for disrespecting his shoes

At the end of 1995, the Bulls faced the Cavaliers. In the midst of everything that was going on in this game, a rowdy in the front row shouted, “Michael, I don’t like your shoes! Go back to the old ones! You were better! The man had no idea he was talking about the iconic Nike Air Jordan XI which was to become extremely popular in the sneaker market.

Just when everyone thought Michael hadn’t heard or just ignored the rowdy, the freak struck a wild blow and waved towards the man. Not just that. The NBA champion then continuously stared at the rowdy and even chatted between games. Take a look at the clip where MJ silenced the man sitting with no clue in the stands –

In that November 9 game, MJ scored 29 points in 37 minutes as the Bulls won 106-88.


Three-time angry Michael Jordan fought with his Chicago Bulls teammates

7 months ago

When LeBron James had his problem with a fan

During a Lakers game against the Hawks, a woman allegedly made an “obscene gesture” as she risked being sent off for mocking King James. The media later identified the lady as Juliana Carlos and repeatedly broadcast clips of her screaming after Bron. The woman alleged that Akron’s hammer “Looked at my husband during the match and insulted him”.


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The event became popular as the “Mad Courtside Karen” incident and it also became a meme topic. Well, just like MJ, Bron won this game as well. Turns out, the game’s GOATs really get a kick out of it when fans in the stadium attack them.


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Would you ever dare to laugh at MJ if luckily you found him near you? Help us with your interesting answers in the comments section.

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