With another collaboration on the way, here’s how J. Balvin struck a deal with Michael Jordan for his own Air Jordans.



J. Balvin is already on his way to another collaboration between the Jordan brand and Nike. To think about it, it wasn’t until last year that their first sneaker with them came out and it’s been such a hit since then, that they are already releasing another pair. While this deal seems to be pretty closely linked, Balvin had to work tooth and nail to convince them to roll out his designed sneakers which eventually came to be known as the Jordan Air 1 Balvins. But how did he manage to strike a deal with Michael Jordan? Here is the story of the man himself.


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How he started chasing after the Jordan brand

At first, Balvin played a very minor role in the Jordan brand. As part of Hispanic Heritage Month campaigns, her photos have been removed with certain products. However, Balvin was not satisfied. He knew he could contribute a lot more and in a better way to the brand, it was only a matter of broadening his vision.


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After all, he was a big name in the Latino community. From being the one and only Latin artist to perform on the Coachella stage, headlining the Lollapalooza festival, his many Latin Grammies 2020 nominations, and surpassing one billion views on YouTube, and being the first Latin in doing so, its reach was everywhere. This is exactly what the Jordan brand could have benefited from.

He revealed in a maintenance, “By showing them how global our presence is, our numbers and the reach we have. It took a year to explain, that it would be a statement to have me on top. “ So, he ultimately went straight to Michael Jordan to pitch.

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How J. Balvin’s Collaboration with Michael Jordan Came to Life

Jordan and J. Balvin both reunited in Paris around the same time in 2019. So, thanks to a marketing manager, the two were able to sit down with each other. And of course MJ had a cigar in his hand. At midnight Jordan’s wife also joined them and luckily for Balvin she was a huge fan of him and had attended his concerts as well.

After hours of chatting about their respective career paths, the discussion culminated in their love for sneakers. Eventually, Balvin began to pitch and explain how his Latin music could benefit the MJ brand. Bippity Boppity Boo, Jordan wrote to his executives, “We’re giving J Balvin a shoe.”


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“I was truly blessed to close the deal with Michael Jordan on his own,” J Balvin says now. “It’s a real blessing. After three years of a tedious process, the Jordan Air 1 Balvins hit stores and made history by not only being the first Latino to collaborate with Nike and MJ, but the sneakers being exhausted.

It is safe to say that his Following set of shoes could meet the same fate. Jordan certainly has one of the best entrepreneurial minds, considering his success in court business. It is therefore evident that his confidence in Balvin would have also been fruitful and will continue to be so.


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