Zoom on the Air Jordan 5 “GORE-TEX”

Air Jordan is a collection of shoes manufactured by Nike. The company produced the first Air Jordan shoe in 1984. Since then, Nike has continued to provide its fans with the impeccable footwear that so many celebrities have associated themselves with. Air Jordan Gore-Tex is one such shoe. From his outlook, the shoe doesn’t appear to have the normal Jordan 5 standard, but the branding on the heel helps confirm that the shoe is Gore-Tex equipped. Ahead of its big reveal, Nike confirmed that the shoe will be available in women’s sizes.

Air Jordan 5 Overview

1990 was a notable year for Air Jordan as it was the year the company introduced its fifth model. At that time, Air Jordan was an iconic brand and a powerhouse in the sneaker world. The shoes are associated with the legendary Michael Jordan and growing up, every kid who wore them became everyone’s envy because of the price of the shoe. Many shoe brands made their debut in the world of sneakers, but few survived until the fifth model, and Air Jordan is one of them.

Air Jordan is a coveted brand that shows no signs of slowing its momentum. The third and fourth Air Jordan models did not fare so well in the market. It took the action of Tinker Hatfield to bring the brand name back to life. It introduced the Air Jordan V and upgraded it with a new design adding an aggressive, fighter jet-inspired theme. Air Jordan V makes us want more as it continues to give Jordan a sense of evolution.

The first one

The first shoe produced for Air Jordan V was sold for $125. After that, Tinker Hatfield made another masterpiece whose design was inspired by World War II fighter planes. The shoe was designed to look like a shark and had a zigzag tooth-shaped midsole. The next set was the original four colorways. Unlike today’s iconic sneakers that release in unobtainable numbers, the Air Jordan V decided to only release four of these shoes. They were produced in OG colorways, with white being the dominant color. The first colorway was white, black and fire red – the second option was the reverse of the first with white, fire red and black. The third set was defined by black and metallic silver, while the fourth collection was the varietal favorite.

Looking closer at the Air Jordan V, you’ll find that each pair released with the number twenty-three emblazoned on the heels. The only shoe that challenged this feature is Fire Red, one of four colorways. This is the only shoe released with Michael Jordan’s number on the heel. Michael is the only individual to have embroidered 23 on his White/Black/Fire Red and Black/Metallic colorways. Jordan continued this culture until 2000 when they released the White/Metallic and Laney colorways and revealed that many shoe collections were embroidered with the number 23.

Features of the Air Jordan 5 Gore-Tex

After a successful Gore-Tex Air Jordan 1 sale, Jordan will release another similar collection. Winter will be the perfect time for Air Jordan V fans. Air Jordan V Gore-Tex will be released this season just in time for sneaker lovers to wear them and keep their feet warm. Winter is the best time to cover your feet with materials like Gore-Tex. The material is known to be effective in keeping feet warm and dry. Gore-Tex is a special material because it has a breathable and waterproof fabric. These characteristics make it a perfect material for outerwear. According to Gear Assistant, the material is made with microporous properties known to repel water while allowing the shoe to be breathable. On top of that, the material is extremely lightweight and incredibly strong, which makes the shoes durable.

Many outdoor apparel companies use this material to make things like gloves and hiking boots. Jordan has had success using Gore-Tex on a few of their sneaker collections, but this is the first time they’ve used it on the Air Jordan V. From the images of the shoe, it’s clear that Air Jordan V Gore-Tex has a familiar colorway. The upper part of the shoe is covered in black. The shark teeth in the midsole and the Jumpman logo are all covered in red. Yellow is the primary color used in the outsole, while it’s crafted from 3M’s signature silver which is aesthetically pleasing. Gore-Tex is embroidered on the insoles and heel. It is possible to see this proprietary material in published photos covered in water droplets.

Availability and prices

According to Sneaker News, Air Jordan 5 ‘Gore-Tex’ is set to release in December 2022. The company hasn’t disclosed an exact date when it will launch this iconic brand, but fans should be on the lookout. Air Jordan 5 Gore-Tex will come in Black, Fire Red, Chiffon, and Black colors. The shoe style code should be DR0092-001. The only information is that the shoe will be available in women’s sizes and retail for $220. For more information, keep checking Nike’s social media pages on Twitter and Instagram, where they should announce the official release date.

Value speculation

Like many other Air Jordan 5 shoes, fans expect Nike to increase the price of the shoe after its official release. We cannot prove this with certainty as it will depend on the receipt of the shoe. If people like it, which is the most likely outcome given the previous trend set by the Air Jordan 5, then the price might rise slightly. According to the sole collectorthe retail price is within the range of its predecessors, with most shoes selling for an average of $200.

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